The Challenge of Balance

As I sat down today to reflect on my accomplishments this past year, I realized why 2013 wasn’t a great year for me.  I had some accomplishments… I expanded a program that I teach, I completed filming a Parkinson’s Exercise DVD, I renewed my personal training certification and obtained a new one, I branched out into more social media outlets, and my client list grew.  Sounds pretty successful, right?  So why did I start to feel a bit depressed?

That was a list of my business accomplishments.  When it came to my personal life, BLANK.  Ouch!  Really, nothing?  Oh, I know!  My husband and I completed a 5K together to raise money for Parkinson’s Disease.  That was great!  Anything else?  BLANK.  No self improvement, no vacations, no relationship milestones, no overwhelming personal joys.  

For the first time in years, I experienced anxiety attacks repeatedly in 2013.  Heart racing, chest tightening, afraid to leave the house panic attacks.  I was also depressed.  I’ve taken a small dose of Zoloft for years.  This year, my doctor increased my dose from the 25mg I’d been taking for 10 years or more to 100mg.  I couldn’t figure out why.  Things seemed to be going well in my life.  Now I see they were going well in my career, not so much in my life.  

I teach people every day how to have balance.  Wellness and a healthy lifestyle are both about balance.  Regular exercise, healthy eating, stress management, taking time for oneself…all things I preach but don’t practice.  I don’t always exercise the amount I should and sometimes my workouts are with my clients.  I’m a BIG TIME stress eater even though I teach people how not to be.  Stress Management, not so much.  Taking time for oneself, yeah if I had time.  I take care of others and encourage others.  I don’t do the same for ME.  As I tend to do, I went completely off balance and tipped in the direction of workaholic.

My 2014 list of Personal Goals is now much longer than my list of Business Goals.  

  • Take a real vacation
  • Enroll in a Tai Chi or Qigong class
  • Find a counselor to help manage my stress & anxiety
  • Get a massage once a month
  • Take a daytrip once a month
  • Go camping more with my husband and our dogs
  • Get my spiritual life back in order
  • Organize my time better
  • Stop the stress eating & sugar binges
  • Get finances in order

“When we put ourselves on the back burner, everything else around us will suffer.”  This is what I tell my clients.  In 2014, I WILL practice what I preach!

4 thoughts on “The Challenge of Balance

  1. I know that this must sound strange, but going camping with your husband and your dog. I completely understand. We have a dog – or should I say that a wonderful canine lives with us. No matter what clouds hover above my head, my little dog alleviates it all when I see him at the end of the day. I include my dog in my family plans as well. After all, he’s come along for the ride.

    I commend you on your priorities for 2014. So many of them I should incorporate into my priorities for 2014.

    Best of luck in 2014!


  2. Thanks Rob! We love to camp. The problem is my husband can camp (and sleep) anywhere. I like to backpack to remote places (not public campsites) away from people and I’m a light sleeper. I don’t mind if a wild animal wakes me up, but not an obnoxious, drunk, camper! LOL 🙂 So, we don’t camp much.

    As for the dogs, they’re our kids. Like you, I can handle any bad day knowing I’ll come home to their happy faces and wagging tails! They aren’t great campers either. Constantly on alert for raccoons!


  3. Wow! You and I had similar problems with panic attacks and depression. It was so debilitating. I had never experienced panic attacks before, so when they started happening, I thought I was dying which only led to more attacks. You seem to have made it through them and that’s a personal accomplishment. Don’t write that off as nothing. You fought them and have succeeded.

    Your goals are great. I believe they’ll lead to the balanced life you want and need. If for some reason you don’t take your daytrip one month, just keep going. If you only take one the entire year, that’s still something. It all counts. I wish you all the best with these goals and I can’t wait to see you accomplish them! 🙂

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