I try to avoid grocery shopping on the weekend.  Usually, my schedule allows me to pick up groceries during the day when the stores aren’t so busy.  I don’t really enjoy shopping.  I make the best of it….I Imagehave my list, I go in, get what I need, and I’m done.  Due to this week’s subzero temperatures, I didn’t make my normal weekday shopping trip.  This resulted in a trip to the store ON A SATURDAY!

So what does this have to do with health & fitness?  Well as if most of us didn’t know, there are a lot of rude and stressed out people in this world!  At first I was very irritated with drivers and shoppers who would cut me off when I was going straight, shoppers who would block the aisle as if they were the only one in the store, or the guy who pushed his cart out in front of me then stopped. Same guy who stepped in front of me without saying excuse me while getting his free range, brown eggs to go with the Oreos, chips and soda in his cart….but I digress. 🙂

I would smile at people or say “excuse me” in a crowded aisle and get blank looks or even dirty looks in return.  Some just totally ignored me.  Why is everyone so angry, hurried, and stressed out?  Do we just not take the time to slow down, to smile, to be courteous, to enjoy life anymore?  What is this chronic stress doing to our bodies and to our brains?  Stress-related illnesses range from headaches and heartburn to high blood pressure, insulin resistance, and heart attack. At best, they are uncomfortable and inconvenient. At worst, they are life-threatening.  

We need to get our stress under control.  Yes, there is good stress and bad stress, but what we have is mostly the bad stuff.  Stop rushing so much, get more sleep, eat right, exercise, smile at people, be nice…sounds simple but I know it can be a challenge.  We just have to make it a priority before it affects everything else in our life.

For more ideas, check out Mother Nature Network’s article, “How To Relieve Stress” at


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