Believe In Yourself

Why do we judge ourselves based on someone else’s standard?  We are all different.  We come from different parents of different races and different backgrounds.  So why would we think we are supposed to look like someone on a magazine cover or in a movie?

I won’t even get into the unrealistic beauty standards that the media (and society) sets for us.  I believe that most of us know how magazines or movie posters are airbrushed.  We know that editing of TV programs and movies makes actors and actresses appear beautiful.  We know how plastic surgery abounds, especially in media.

What I’m talking about is why we would think a weight loss program that worked for our friend will work for us?  If our friend lost weight, why do we think we have to do the same?  Why can’t we look at ourselves, our imperfections and all, then tell ourselves we are special?  We do come from different backgrounds, we do have different life experiences.  We work to do our best in all areas of our lives and that is all we need to do.

I think back to times I tried to be something that I wasn’t and never could be.  For example, I am of Scottish descent.  I’m fair skinned with red hair and freckles.  When I was younger, I was teased for all of those things.  I couldn’t wear shorts without someone telling me how white my legs were.  I tried lemon juice to lighten my freckles, self tanner to darken my skin, hair color to be more blonde, and even perms to get my fine red hair to be curly.  I was trying to be someone I wasn’t and never could be.  I wanted to be dark skinned and dark haired like my friends.  

I laugh about it now, but I still find myself self-conscious at times about my white legs.  Fortunately, I can see my worth in other things that aren’t physical.  However, we still struggle to be thinner, younger, more muscular, whatever we see as someone else’s standards for attractiveness.  Let’s make a change in 2014 and believe in ourselves!

4 thoughts on “Believe In Yourself

  1. I think that we judge ourselves based on someone elses standard. Part of it it the excitement of the ‘other’ person trying to help. For example, if Keto is working for me, I’m advocating on my blog, to friends I know, to family members. I don’t mean to judge anyone, just spread the wealth so to speak. BUT – after reading your post today, that might not be the best thing to do. Maybe I have to rethink HOW I try to share my experiences with others, because someone may look and say that it works for him, why not for me?

    Thank you for your post!

    1. Thanks Rob! Your enthusiasm for how Keto is working for you is great and of course you want to share that with others! I learned in one of my certification trainings that you have to be cautious about sharing remedies or treatments with others. For example, there is a woman in my Arthritis Foundation Exercise class who loves to share her alternative treatment methods with other class members. We always talk about how great it is that those methods work for her, but everyone is different and it may not be appropriate for everyone else in the class.

      Now with that being said, I love hearing about how something has helped someone to lose weight or reduce pain, etc. I’m open to alternative treatments such as acupuncture and I know those methods do work for some people. Some people love to sit in a hot tub for arthritis pain, but if you have high blood pressure it’s not recommended.

      It goes for the “one size fits all” approach that some fitness programs use. Not everyone should do Cross Fit. Is it a great workout? Sure, but it isn’t appropriate for everyone because of their background, health, etc.

  2. I hate comparisons. It can’t be stressed enough that what works for person A, may not work for person B. This is so important to remember. The “one size fits all” approach that you spoke to Rob about is exactly what leads to discouragement. I don’t think weight loss has been differentiated enough. It’s always been “EVERYONE GET ON ATKINS, MIAMI BEACH, LOW FAT, LOW THIS, LOW THAT!” You never hear “John, such and such would work best for you. Susie, this and that would be better for you.” I think one day we can get there. I’m optimistic. 🙂

    Anyway, excellent post. I agree with every point you made.

  3. Exactly! That’s the problem with the fad diets you mentioned. They claim to work for everyone. It so important to get the right, professional guidance. Atkins for example advocated high protein and low to no carbs. The high protein included bacon, sausage, cheese, etc. What about those people who have high blood pressure or high cholesterol? Eating large amounts of those foods could kill those people! Use good judgement, but always seek professional advice that takes your health and your background into consideration.

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