Healthy Fast Food?

How much healthier is “healthy fast food”?  When I see an advertisement for a healthy fast food item, I like to investigate.  Recent interest was sparked with McDonald’s commercial for the Egg White McMuffin.  Egg whites have become the trend as a healthier food. The truth is, eggs are not unhealthy unless you eat a dozen a day, or you’re trying to control cholesterol.

So how does the new “healthier” option stack up against the original? McDonald’s Egg White McMuffin is made with grilled egg whites (grilled on the same grill as their burgers?), Canadian bacon, and pasturized processed white cheddar (makes me think Velveeta…yuck). It has 250 calories, 18g protein, 7g fat, 32g carbs, and 800mg sodium.

A regular Egg McMuffin is made with egg, Canadian bacon, and American cheddar. It contains 300 calories, 18g protein, 12g fat, 32g carbs, and 780mg sodium. Not much difference and A LOT of sodium!

Here’s a healthier option. Wake up a few minutes earlier and have breakfast at home, or make your own breakfast sandwich the night before to take with you. Eating out will always result in more calories due to cooking methods. Preparing your own means YOU control what goes into your meal.

I’m not saying you should never eat out, but we’ve become a society of drive-thru’s, quick fixes, and lack of time due to lifestyles that ARE under our control.  If you do choose fast food on occasion, check out  This website from Wake Forest University lists a number of popular restaurants. Select the restaurant and the food to get a listing of calories, fat, etc. It will also recommend healthier options to choose.

Don’t be fooled by advertisements.  A smart consumer is a healthy consumer!


4 thoughts on “Healthy Fast Food?

  1. I purchased a plastic device that cooks eggs in 68 seconds in a microwave. I have the bacon prepared at the beginning of the week, and reheat it with the eggs. Less than two minutes at the start of the day, and much less sodium! 🙂

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