The Struggles of Life

While we may be saddened by the overdose death of a celebrity, there are many more people closer to our lives who deal with addiction every day as well. If a celebrity with all their connections and money can’t overcome a drug addiction, how hard do you think it is for the 20 year old down the street?

I don’t personally know these celebrities and I don’t know what goes in in their private lives…none of us do. But if an Oscar winning actor with the love of fans, a partner, and children can die of a drug overdose with the syringe still in his arm like an addict on the street, think of how life is for the “regular” guy with an addiction.

It also goes to show that regardless of all the fame and fortune, the lives of celebrities are just as screwed up or more so than ours. Don’t worship these people like they’re gods. Don’t wish you had what they have. Fame and fortune doesn’t equal happiness. Philip Seymour Hoffman, all the others before him, and the ones who will die after him are sad examples of that. Be thankful for what you have, your struggles with raising kids, your job, paying your bills, and keeping your house clean. I think some of the celebrities probably wish they had what we have.


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