Petland has Dirty Paws

This isn’t fitness related but our wellness if often connected to our love of pets. As a wellness professional and an animal advocate, I want to see everyone healthy including our animals. This was written by a friend of mine and one of the most tireless advocate for animals that I know. Please read if you love #animals and always #adoptdontshop!

Bailing out Benji

The pet store Petland is notorious for selling puppy mill puppies. The Humane Society of the United States has done several reportsand exposés on the chain store, animal welfare websites everywhere are warning people to stay away, yet still the public seems to be blissfully unaware of the truth. In Des Moines, a few years back, a local news station exposed the local Petland and the puppy mills that they got their puppies from. That attention paired with the protests held by a group of animal lovers caused the store to go out of business- which is great news for the puppies.

Now fast forward about six years… We have the same problem but in a different Iowa town. The Petland in Iowa City has been selling puppy mill puppies and lying about it to the community for far too long. College students come in, fall in love and…

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