Medications for PD- the good & the bad : by Dr. De Leon

Thank you defeatParkinsons for this great post!


as we are in the beginning of Parkinson’s awareness month, I want to talk about the importance of self advocacy. However, this needs to be always done in conjunction with a team of medical professionals including ancillary profesionals like PT, OT,  ST, social workers, exercise team, dietitians, and counselors to get the best results.

This is never more important to now as we approach middle and enstages of PD…particularly when we begin to have dyskinesias…the biggest problem I see as a doctor is that patients often self medicate which usually leads to more dyskenesias, side effects, and increase risk for falls and hospitalization from a multitude of problems. Sometimes it may seem contra-intuitive to decrease medications when we feel Poorly…thus we need an expert to guide us. The challenge of maintaining  a well balance life with a balanced amount of medications is increasing in complexity thanks to so many new…

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