Radical self-care for activists in the time of Trump

I’m guilty! Lately, I have found myself spending hours online, reading, posting, tweeting. One night this week, I started working on actions for my activist group at 6:00pm. At 11:30pm (after I told myself I would go do some yoga stretches and go to bed at 10:00), I was still clicking between Facebook and Twitter, looking to see what fresh hell I had missed.

I’m concerned about the future of healthcare, for myself and my clients with chronic conditions. I’m concerned about the future of science and the research to find a cure for Parkinson’s and other diseases. I’m concerned about the future of education for my 10 month old granddaughter and others. I’m concerned about how trade barriers will affect my daughter and son-in-law and his parents who are farmers. I’m concerned about justice for my black and brown friends. I’m concerned about the lack of prosecution of sexual assault cases, especially with a self-admitted sexual-assaulter-in-chief. I’m concerned about families, like the ones I knew growing up in New Mexico and Texas, facing deportation when they are just trying to provide for their family. I’m concerned about my friends who are Muslim, Sikh, and South Asian who will be targeted for harassment and worse. I feel there is so much out of my control.

As I’m writing this, I know I need to finish and get onto my treadmill before I head out to work to take care of others. It’s hard. I have so much to say. I also know I’ve been experiencing more neck and shoulder pain, which is helped by exercise, yoga, and deep breathing. I have been experiencing more anxiety which is helped by the same methods. So I’m logging off. I can work on changing the things I can change. I can continue to help others. However, I have to take my own advice about caring for yourself so you can better take care of others.

I hope the blog below helps. Peace and hope to you all. ❤

Valerie Aurora's blog

[Content notes: disordered eating, exercise]

Like many of you, I’m struggling to take care of myself in the aftermath of the 2016 U.S. election. My friends and I are having stomach pain, trouble sleeping, difficulty staying focused on work, and many more signs of fear and stress. To add to it, as activists many of us feel a sense of urgency and obligation to act now, to push ourselves to our limits in an attempt to avert the coming disaster. I find myself thinking irrational thoughts, like “Maybe I should start sleeping less so I can write more. Do I really need to keep doing my physical therapy? Why bother keeping tax records when I’m worried about mass deportations?” Then my rational mind points out that it’s hard to write if I’m tired, or in pain, or having my tax returns audited.

This post is a collection of tips and…

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