“I have worked with Kristy for the last 6 months. She is a joy to work with – keeps you motivated and still liking her by the end of the session. 🙂 She helped me run my first 5k and has gotten my fitness life back on track. I highly recommend her!!!” – Anonymous

“I’ve been training with Kristy for about 9 months now and she makes me feel so confident in the things I can accomplish. She’s always willing to help me figure out a routine and change it up when I get bored! Great motivator and sends out weekly emails to keep you going! Love her!” – Joni

“Kris Cameron is truly a professional-devoted to her profession in giving exercise sessions to various people of all abilities of which I am lucky to be one. As a person with MS, it’s time and money well spent-I get a lot out of her sessions.” – Tom

“I have worked with Kris for over a year. She is a true professional! She is current in her knowledge base can answer questions about the latest fad diet, exercise. She encourages, recognizes your vulnerabilties and accepts them without judgement. She knows how to work with physical limitations and keeps you inspired with her newsletters. I recommend her to all my friends.” – Darcy

“Kris has been an AMAZING trainer and motivator for me! I had been away from fitness for over a year (and was discouraged about that), but Kris was able to help me get back on track with fitness in a way that was safe and fun.

I’ve been very impressed by the way she’s able to tailor all of my workouts with great skill, so that I could work out safely and not aggravate old injuries, and yet also get a great workout! I had bad experiences with previous trainers, but Kris made me believe in personal training again! 🙂 I would give Kris my highest recommendation to anyone considering hiring a personal trainer!” – Peter

“Kris has been a real blessing for me. I have worked with Kris for about 4 years. She has helped me during all levels of fitness. She works with YOU and your individual needs and goals. I know I can always count on Kris to help me stay on track with her great advice and encouragement!” – Anonymous